Discover who the team is and our inspirations in creating the project.


The 2021-2022 Praxis Fellows:

Cherrie Kwok

Cherrie is a PhD student in the English department. Her personal website was created alongside [Your Name Here].

Jacqui Sahagian

Jacqui is a PhD student in the History department. Her personal website was created alongside [Your Name Here].

Jennifer Marine

Jennifer is a PhD student in the Art department.

Joseph Foley

Joseph is a PhD Student in the History department.

Susan Shoshan Abraham

Susan is a PhD student in the Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese department.

Tarushi Sonthalia

Tarushi is a PhD student in the English department


We would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to the following individuals and institutions for guidance and support on this journey. Broadly speaking, the Scholars' Lab staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome and supported — even when we were not sure that we belonged. They freely passed along their knowledge, embraced our growing pains and constantly reminded us how much they appreciated our efforts.

Amanda Visconti

Thank you to Amanda for being the SLab's intrepid leader.

Brandon Walsh

Thank you to Brandon for teaching us about the DH world, and how to be compassionate to ourselves and others.

Jeremy Boggs

Thank you to Jeremy for sharing your adorable kittens, inspiring us to center web design in our project, and helping us achieve our design visions.

Ronda Grizzle

Thank you to Ronda for helping us talk about our feelings and much needed guidance on project management.

Shane Lin

Thank you to Shane for making sure everyone was always heavily caffeinated, taking our photos, teaching us to code, and contributing the "publish" page to our site.

The Scholars' Lab

Thank you to the Scholars' Lab for carving out a radically kind space in academia where we can envision and practice a different vision of what our work can look like.

The Praxis Program

The Praxis Program is a one-year fellowship in which six graduate students from different disciplines spend the fall semester learning digital humanities theory and methods, and the spring semester collaborating to create their own DH project. We are grateful we had the opportunity to participate in this unique program.


When working on [Your Name Here], we were inspired by and used ideas from several authors, articles, websites, and books including:

The following personal portfolio websites were great inspirations to us as we developed our project: